Bastogne Private Guided Tour

Bastogne Private Guided Tour
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Bastogne Private Guided TourBastogne Private Guided Tour
Duration : 12 hours
Tour Price : 700.00 Euros
Type of Tour : Private tour in Bastogne
Mardasson. Bastogne. Belgium Mardasson. Bastogne. Belgium
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All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our private guide from Bastogne. Let them make your dream vacation a reality.

Hello! My father will be meeting me in Paris on March 16th, 2012 and we would like to go on a tour of WWII things, Normandy, Battle of Bulge, etc.. We do have quite a tight budget WITHOUT a car so I am not sure what the best options are and the quotation/places to go for various tours that might offer Battle of the Bulge tours and from what city they would leave from. It is just the two of us....we were thinking of going to Normandy(already booked a 1 day tour) and then doing a Bastogne area tour..... Can you tell me about what you could or possibly someone you know could offer or a larger group tour that we could join???? Also how to we book train/bus tickets from Caen/Bayeaux to Bastogne???? Thank you Jason

I would like to reserve a good local guide for Bastogne, Brussles, on May 27. This will be for a party of 4. They will have a rental car, but it may not be large enough for the clients plus the guide, so if you have a vehicle that would be best. They want a good tour of the WWII sites in the area. A morning pickup at the hotel, concluding there no later than 3 PM since they will be driving on the Brussles. Please let me know if you can assist with this and at what rate. Thank you, Carolyn

Sir Good morning. My Name is Carter and I work in the office of the Chairman Committee, and our office is looking to do a one day tour of the Battle of Bastogne. in this tour we are looking to have guide to shows us around and give of a little history of the battle, and maybe have a couple of hand outs to read along the way. We are located in Brussels, Belgium and we are looking at about 20 people in our group. As far as transportation we can provide our own vehicle for the tour if need be and can meet you at any given location. We are looking to do this tour anywhere from March to May if possible. I Know tours are really busy this time of year so I just wanted to check to see if you had any tours similar to what we are looking for and if you had any available dates. Thank you for your time and help. Carter

Guided tour in Bastogne with Belgium private guide!

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Bastogne Private Guided Tour Bastogne Private Guided Tour

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WW II - Bastogne - The Battle of The Bulge

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