Guided tours in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg

Guided tours in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg
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Guided Tours in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Ypres), Holland (Amsterdam) and Luxembourg

Private guide in Belgium
Mike Eyns
courteous gentleman who speaks multiple languages

Mike Eyns is the perfect private guide in Belgium - a courteous gentleman who speaks multiple languages and possesses an extensive knowledge of the wonders and enchantments of the beautiful city of Brussels. The enchanting capital of Belgium is also the center of the European Union, and is home to many diverse attractions that will appeal to the interests of anyone, whether your tastes lean toward culture and history, or you are more interested in sightseeing tour and cuisine. For more than a thousand years Brussels has been a magnet for artists, architects, gastronomes and dipolmats, giving this city a most amazing collection of fine art, incredible buildings, and delectable cuisine, as well as causing it to become an international center of government and politics.

With so many fascinating attractions, guided tours in Brussels and the surrounding areas are the best way to enjoy the intriguing delights of Belgium. Many guests like to allow Mike to create a customized tour based on their own unique interests. Mike has already designed several popular driving and walking tours in Brussels and nearby attractions. Some of the most desirable tours are described below:

Brussels: The Classical Tour - The tour most often selected by guests in Belgium is Mike's Classical Tour of Brussels. Other Brussels city tours won't offer the kind of insider's point of view you get with this extraordinarily knowledgeable and experienced private guide in Brussels. This tour takes you on an enchanting journey to witness the breathtaking architecture of the magnificent Grand Place, the Notre Dame Church, and the Justice Palace. You'll taste the delectable flavors of the real Brussels Waffle, and enjoy fantastic shopping in the Fashion Boutiques area as well as the Grand Sablon, world famous antiques market.

Brussels: Arts Nouveaux Tour - As a center of artistic culture for more than a millennium, Brussels is home to some of the world's most fascinating architectural monuments. Our tour begins on the Place Royal to view the arts nouveaux design of the "Old English" house, now home to the Museum of Musical Instruments. We'll continue our walking tour in Brussels to view more than 30 structures of arts nouveaux heritage, including Horta House, De Lune House and La Maison Autrique.

Guided tour in Waterloo - This famous battlefield was the site of Napolean's final crushing defeat by the Duke of Wellington in 1815. The historical tour of the perfectly preserved battlefield encompasses the Butte de Lion and the Welllington Museum. The Panorama and The Wellington Museum. The old farm "Le Caillou" and Napoleon's headquarter. Enjoying local pastries

Guided tour in Bruges - A trip to this city makes a fascinating day trip from Brussels. Bruges is known as "The Venice of the North," with its winding canals and Gothic architecture, and a relaxing boat trip on the waterways allows a leisurely viewing of this enchanting town. The Basilica church and The Gothic town hall. Old Windmills and Town of Damme

The Medieval Castles Tour - No trip to Belgium could be complete without visiting some of its beautiful medieval castles. Mike has designed this tour as his own personal favorite, bringing his guests along to float along the serpentine River Meuse and then for a pleasant country drive. Discover Belgium's marvelous heritage of architecturally divine castles such as the Roccoco Castle with its romantic gardens, and the beautiful historical towns and picturesque villages like Namur and Celles. Take an enchanting journey back in time on Mike's delightful Medieval Castles Tour.

Keukenhof Gardens - Tulip tour - This historic park and gardens covers an area of 32 hectares (80 acres) with a glorious vista filled by thousands of colorful tulips, trees, hyacinths and daffodils. Beautiful sculptures and romantic pavilions dot the landscape, where nature lovers will swoon with joy. Different Inspirational Gardens and Beautifil Sculptures and Statues. Historic Park and Natural Garden

You are invited to enjoy these and many other delights and enchantments of Belgium with Mike Eyns, your premiere private guide in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg.

While enjoying a memorable vacation in beautiful Belgium, you may wish to visit other nearby countries with your private guide. With my extensive knowledge of this area, I am able to conduct excursions to interesting locations within Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands..

You may enjoy a private guided tour through scenic Luxembourg, where the countryside is dotted with enchanting castles and breathtaking views of the beautiful Ardennes mountain range. We will tour Vianden Castle, the Victor Hugo House, the Bock Promontory and Castle Bridge. Nature lovers will be delighted with the Butterfly Garden and enchanted by Swan Lake on the ruins of the Beaufort Castle.

A tour in France can take you through the D-Day Beaches and the Mont St. Michael, and the location of the Battle of the Somme. Of course, wine tasting tours throughout the champagne area of Reims in the French countryside offer guests a relaxing and enjoyable journey. Visitors to Belgium also enjoy guided tours into the nearby Netherlands to take in the beauties of the famous Tulip Fields and the pleasures of night life in Amsterdam.

Private guided tours are available to any of the interesting sites and attractions not only within the country of Belgium, but also in neighboring locales.

A Bridge To Far - Operation Market Garden Hell A Bridge To Far - Operation Market Garden Hell

(12 hours - Full Day tour)
A Bridge too far or operation market garden

Arts Nouveau architecture Arts Nouveau architecture

(4 hours)
Brussels Arts Nouveaux

Bastogne Private Guided Tour Bastogne Private Guided Tour

(12 hours)
WW II - Bastogne - The Battle of The Bulge

Bruges - The Venice of the North Bruges - The Venice of the North

(8 hours)
Bruges - Day tour from Brussels

Cruise Ships Passengers Zeebrugge Cruise Ships Passengers Zeebrugge

(8 hours)
Cruise Ships Passengers Zeebrugge

Excursion in Luxembourg Excursion in Luxembourg

(14/16 hours)
Luxembourg - Capital and Grand Duchy

Flanders Flanders

(8 hours + 40.00 per each added hour)
Ieper ( Ypres ) Salient Fields WW I

Full day tour in Holland Full day tour in Holland

(1 full day tour (Extra days tour on request))
Amsterdam - Kinderdijk - Delft - Netherlands

Guided Tour in Waterloo Guided Tour in Waterloo

(7/8 hours tour from Brussels)
The Wellington Museum, Le Caillou, Napoleon's headquarters

Leuven, Mechelen, Lier Leuven, Mechelen, Lier

(Day tour : 8 / 10 hours)
Old Historical Flemish Towns surrounding Brussels

Normandy Beaches Tour Normandy Beaches Tour

(2 full days)
Normandy D-Day Beaches With extension to Mont St. Michel

Private guided tour of Antwerp Private guided tour of Antwerp

(5 hours)
Antwerp Guided tour

Private Tour in Ghent Private Tour in Ghent

(8 hours)
Ghent - Day tour from Brussels

Royal Palace Tour Royal Palace Tour

(3 hours + 40.00 per each added hour)
The Royal Palace is one of the best official buildings in the Brussels.

Sightseeing Nature Tour in Brussels Sightseeing Nature Tour in Brussels

(Full day tour)
Keukenhof - Gardens and Tulips Fields

The Battle of The Somme The Battle of The Somme

(10/12 hours - Full Day tour from Brussels)
The Somme Trench Musem, The Historial of WW TWO at Peronne

The Classical Tour. The Classical Tour.

(3 hours)
Brussels. The Classical Tour. The Town Hall. Manneken-PIS

The Medieval Castles Tour The Medieval Castles Tour

(10 / 12 hours)
The River Meuse - Furnished Medieval Castles Tour

Tour in Belgian Ardennes Tour in Belgian Ardennes

(1 or 2 days (each 12 hours))
Namur, Dinant, Bouillon, Orval, Han, La Roche, Spa, Liege...