Full day tour in Holland

Full day tour in Holland
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Full day tour in Holland

Full day tour in Holland

Duration : 1 full day tour (Extra days tour on request)
Tour Price : 700,00 Euros
Type of Tour : Private tour in Amsterdam (from Belgium)

This full day tour in Holland, will give you the opportunity to discover The Netherlands, by visiting some very specific highlights in one day.

  • Kinderdijk
  • System of 19 windmills
  • Old windmills in The Netherlands
  • Delft
  • Historical City Center
  • Royal Delft
  • Delftware Factory
  • Amsterdam
  • World Famous Museums
  • Canal Tour
  • Visit The Van Gogh Museum
  • The Anne Frank House
  • Nice Candle Light Dinner
  • We can extend this tour in 2 or 3 days, by visiting more great sites this country can offer.

    This is an enjoyable day of exploration and enlightenment that will provide lasting memories of your European vacation. An entire day is devoted to a tour of the Netherlands most fascinating attractions and beautiful sights.

    I will be pleased to be your private guide in Amsterdam and surrounding areas as we take in the beauty and culture of Holland and enjoy a warm welcome from the Dutch people. My experience in travel and tourism of the Netherlands has enabled me to design a wonderful day of sightseeing that includes the most interesting destinations. We can customize your itinerary to suit your specific wishes, and we can even extend your tour in Amsterdam for an additional day or two and enjoy even more of the wonders of the Netherlands.

    We'll begin our excursion with a visit to Kinderdijk, where you will be awed by the beauty of the traditional picturesque Dutch windmills. We will take some time to explore the historic center of Delft and see where the renowned blue and white ceramics are created.

    Our guided tour in Amsterdam will be an unforgettable day that will take us to visit some of the most famous museums in the world, including the Van Gogh Museum. Holland was home to many famous artists other than Van Gogh, such as Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer, and the museums are a treasure trove of priceless works of art.

    We will also visit the Anne Frank House, which is a museum dedicated to the story of her family's Hiding Place during WWII and where she wrote her famous diary.

    During our tour of Amsterdam we will have the opportunity to view beautiful architecture and enjoy a relaxing journey along the lovely canals. We'll end our day with a splendid candlelight dinner of authentic Dutch cuisine.

    Guided tour in Amsterdam (from Belgium)

    A Bridge To Far - Operation Market Garden Hell A Bridge To Far - Operation Market Garden Hell

    (12 hours - Full Day tour)
    A Bridge too far or operation market garden

    Arts Nouveau architecture Arts Nouveau architecture

    (4 hours)
    Brussels Arts Nouveaux

    Bastogne Private Guided Tour Bastogne Private Guided Tour

    (12 hours)
    WW II - Bastogne - The Battle of The Bulge

    Bruges - The Venice of the North Bruges - The Venice of the North

    (8 hours)
    Bruges - Day tour from Brussels

    Cruise Ships Passengers Zeebrugge Cruise Ships Passengers Zeebrugge

    (8 hours)
    Cruise Ships Passengers Zeebrugge

    Excursion in Luxembourg Excursion in Luxembourg

    (14/16 hours)
    Luxembourg - Capital and Grand Duchy

    Flanders Flanders

    (8 hours + 40.00 per each added hour)
    Ieper ( Ypres ) Salient Fields WW I

    Full day tour in Holland Full day tour in Holland

    (1 full day tour (Extra days tour on request))
    Amsterdam - Kinderdijk - Delft - Netherlands

    Guided Tour in Waterloo Guided Tour in Waterloo

    (7/8 hours tour from Brussels)
    The Wellington Museum, Le Caillou, Napoleon's headquarters

    Leuven, Mechelen, Lier Leuven, Mechelen, Lier

    (Day tour : 8 / 10 hours)
    Old Historical Flemish Towns surrounding Brussels

    Normandy Beaches Tour Normandy Beaches Tour

    (2 full days)
    Normandy D-Day Beaches With extension to Mont St. Michel

    Private guided tour of Antwerp Private guided tour of Antwerp

    (5 hours)
    Antwerp Guided tour

    Private Tour in Ghent Private Tour in Ghent

    (8 hours)
    Ghent - Day tour from Brussels

    Royal Palace Tour Royal Palace Tour

    (3 hours + 40.00 per each added hour)
    The Royal Palace is one of the best official buildings in the Brussels.

    Sightseeing Nature Tour in Brussels Sightseeing Nature Tour in Brussels

    (Full day tour)
    Keukenhof - Gardens and Tulips Fields

    The Battle of The Somme The Battle of The Somme

    (10/12 hours - Full Day tour from Brussels)
    The Somme Trench Musem, The Historial of WW TWO at Peronne

    The Classical Tour. The Classical Tour.

    (3 hours)
    Brussels. The Classical Tour. The Town Hall. Manneken-PIS

    The Medieval Castles Tour The Medieval Castles Tour

    (10 / 12 hours)
    The River Meuse - Furnished Medieval Castles Tour

    Tour in Belgian Ardennes Tour in Belgian Ardennes

    (1 or 2 days (each 12 hours))
    Namur, Dinant, Bouillon, Orval, Han, La Roche, Spa, Liege...